Armenian Mouflon Hunting at 777 Ranch

The Armenian Mouflon is a rare sheep that is native to Armenia, Iran, and Nakhchivan. This is a stocky and hearty sheep that is incredibly fun to hunt. The Armenian Mouflon hunting package includes a huge range of amenities for $2,750. The daily rate includes the care of a hunting guide as well as private accommodations, meals, and beverages. This is an endangered sheep so it is sure to be a fantastic prize and welcome addition to any collection. Males of the species have a very distinctive pattern as well as an impressive set of horns that would make a stunning display in any collection.

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A Texas Armenian Mouflon Hunting Experience

For those looking for a hunt that is going to be exhilarating, fruitful, and just plain fun, any of the hunts offer through 777 Ranch are a great option. Whether you are a skilled and seasoned hunter looking for a new and exotic challenge, or a new hunter that wants their first trip to be particularly exciting, 777 Ranch has some spectacular hunts to choose from. All hunts will be supervised by skilled hunters that have years of experience and that only wants you to succeed. They offer a range of services as well as top of the line amenities so you can relax in style either before or after you make your trophy.

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Gaining Noteriety For Exotic Texas Hunting

Exotic game hunting is something that many people dream about but that few people actually ever get to do. With the right reserve or managed hunting ground however, anyone can get the game that they have always dreamed of and the hunt that they truly want. 777 Ranch offers a range of game packages and different hunting experiences that are sure to stay with you forever and become some of your favorite memories.
777 Ranch History
777 Ranch is the premier hunting ranch in the United States and has been for well over 50 years. The Ranch was acquired by African Dangerous Game Professional Hunter Jeff Rann and has never been the same. The ranch has been in operation for decades and the herds that call the ranch home are unique, exotic, and challenging to hunt. The ranch is home to over 60 species of animals from 80 different countries spanning 5 continents. The game on 777 Ranch is unlike anything you could ever hope to find in the wild.
Each animal is managed and kept so that the animal that you are hunting is going to be healthy a perfect specimen, and they are also going to have big horns. The brush of Southern Texas is similar to the brush of Africa making the location of the ranch perfect for a wide range of species. The animals are all healthy, they are given access to medical care as needed, and they have been bred with the best genetics in mind. The game at 777 Ranch is also allowed to fully mature so hunting an exotic like the Dama Gazelle is going to get you a fine specimen that is perfect for any hunter.

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Quality of life pivots upon quality people, places and adventures. My American Dream has always been the pursuit of ultimate quality in everything I do and my hunting experiences at 777 Ranch in Hondo Texas with Jeff Rann and crew is worldclass hunting every time. Everything about Jeff's operation is the best of the best. Professional, knowledgeable, experienced and attentive guides and staff, great food and accommodations and just an overall real McCoy hunting camp atmosphere. Breathtaking trophy big game seems to be everywhere! 777 Ranch is a prime Nugent family annual destination and Jeff Rann is my Spirit BloodBrother.

Ted Nugent

I toured the 777 this weekend and was extremely impressed at the job these guys have done there. The animals are fantastic with so many different species and such large groups it is truly amazing. It was like going back in time to Africa when animals were abundant. With the future of so many endangered species looking very bleak we should all be proud to have facilities like the 777 that will help preserve animal species for humans to enjoy well into the future. Thank you 777 for the wonderful animals that you guys raise insuring species survival for so many that are about to become extinct in their native homelands. Job well done!

Dave Holm

Went to the 777 this weekend. Had an incredible time. We had Steven Rann as our guide. He was fantastic! Though the doves were not moving, he made the experience so enjoyable that we could have cared less about no dove. He took us around and showed us all of the incredible species that the 777 offers. The whole staffed catered to anything we need. They took such great care of use. We will definitely be back to chase some big game with Steven!

Zackary Lee Rendon
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Jeff Rann

Owner & Professional Hunter

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