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Fallow deer is by far not the fastest or largest deer to hunt, but they have a set of impressive antlers that appeal to most sportsmen. The Fallow Deer species is native to Europe and the countries around the Mediterranean. They were brought to other parts of the world by the Celts, Romans, and in modern times by ranch owners who wanted to grow their exotic game populations.

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About The Fallow Deer

A fully grown buck weighs around 120 to 200 pounds while the doe is about 60 to 90 pounds. Their height is around 25 to 45 inches at the shoulders. The buck’s palmate antlers take around three years to grow fully, and they are about 20 inches wide. They shed and regrow their showy antlers every year. During the first two years of the buck’s life, the antlers are more or less elk-like with only three or four times stemming off the beams. As it matures, the antlers develop into palmated or webbed shovels with irregular smaller points and a larger tine. Trophy set of the Fallow deer antlers range from 28 to 30 inches long and an inside spread of 20 to 24 inches.

Apart from hunting them for their antlers, fallow deer present quite a challenge for hunters who are on the lookout for a physically-challenging hunt. If you prefer to still or stalk hunt, prepare for rough terrains. While hunting, you should keep downwind as this species has an exceptional sense of smell.

Fallow deer are available in three distinct color variations; chocolate, spotted, and creamy white. The creamy white variation is the most popular in Texas. While they have rather short legs, they are quite powerful, which is why they present quite a challenge to hunters.

Unlike Whitetail deer which are generally browsers, the Fallow Deer is a grazer. Therefore, you are likely to find Fallow Deer in open, grassy areas. They feed on tree barks in the absence of grass. The fact that Fallow Deer are grazers makes their game meat much more enjoyable.

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Booking a Guide

Excited to hunt fallow deer at 777 Ranch, book one of our hunting guides. The starting rate for a hunting guide for a single hunter is $400 per day, which includes all the additional amenities you need to feel comfortable and enjoy your hunt at the ranch. Such as meals, lodging, and your hunting guide.

A 4-day/3-night trip minimum is recommended if you’re planning on going on an exotic hunt. This is to ensure you get the full hunting experience and get an opportunity to take down the animal you want to hunt.

Why Try Hunting Fallow Deer at 777 Ranch?

At 777 Ranch, we provide you with fully guided hunts. As the guides are knowledgeable and experienced about the hunting territory, they know exactly where you are likely to find the Fallow deer. Our guides are also trained on how to deal with all types of situations such as animal attacks and injuries. Their passion and expertise are guaranteed to make your hunting dreams come true. They will also provide helpful insights for those who are new to hunting and most importantly, take photos of you and your game.

The ranch’s hunting areas have good road access. This enables us to cater to a wide range of hunters. The 777 Ranch has exclusive access to a vast Fallow Deer habitat on isolated land, we can regulate the hunting pressure on this and more species. Our Fallow Deer hunting fees are as follows:-

  • Fallow Buck   $5,000
  • Fallow Dow    $500

The ranch works in partnership with local taxidermists. This makes it easy for sportsmen who require taxidermy services. We allow the hunters to choose their method of hunting. Whether you prefer rifle hunting, bow hunting, spot, and stalk, or safari-style hunting, your needs will be catered to at the 777 Ranch. We also cater to hunters of any age and level of experience.

Book your Fallow Deer hunting expedition by calling us at (830) 426-3476.

Fallow Deer Processing

Remember when you hunt for Axis deer at 777 Ranch is that caping/skinning, processing of meet, shipping and taxidermy fees aren’t included in the daily trophy fee or hunting guide fee that you’re paying. If you need any of these services, you’ll have to pay additional fees to get them.

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Quality of life pivots upon quality people, places and adventures. My American Dream has always been the pursuit of ultimate quality in everything I do and my hunting experiences at 777 Ranch in Hondo Texas with Jeff Rann and crew is worldclass hunting every time. Everything about Jeff's operation is the best of the best. Professional, knowledgeable, experienced and attentive guides and staff, great food and accommodations and just an overall real McCoy hunting camp atmosphere. Breathtaking trophy big game seems to be everywhere! 777 Ranch is a prime Nugent family annual destination and Jeff Rann is my Spirit BloodBrother.

Ted Nugent

I toured the 777 this weekend and was extremely impressed at the job these guys have done there. The animals are fantastic with so many different species and such large groups it is truly amazing. It was like going back in time to Africa when animals were abundant. With the future of so many endangered species looking very bleak we should all be proud to have facilities like the 777 that will help preserve animal species for humans to enjoy well into the future. Thank you 777 for the wonderful animals that you guys raise insuring species survival for so many that are about to become extinct in their native homelands. Job well done!

Dave Holm

Went to the 777 this weekend. Had an incredible time. We had Steven Rann as our guide. He was fantastic! Though the doves were not moving, he made the experience so enjoyable that we could have cared less about no dove. He took us around and showed us all of the incredible species that the 777 offers. The whole staffed catered to anything we need. They took such great care of use. We will definitely be back to chase some big game with Steven!

Zackary Lee Rendon
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Jeff Rann

Owner & Professional Hunter

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