About the Owner: The Man and the Legend

Picture a man that has been mauled by a Leopard and attacked by a Buffalo. A man that holds many SCI  records and has been a Professional Hunter for over 42 years, and a man that has successfully tracked and recovered more animals than many hunters have ever laid eyes on. Meet Jeff Rann.

Jeff, the owner of the legendary 777 Ranch, is a man who truly lives for the hunt. He will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients get what they came for. He is driven by adrenaline and thrives on the adventure of the hunt. He has had the privilege of hunting with Kings, Presidents, Generals, movie stars,  rock stars, and world-leading businessmen. He also produced The African Adventure Video series and the first video with Peter Hathaway Capstick. Jeff cut his teeth on dangerous game hunting on the Dark  Continent and made quite a name for himself in the process. According to him, “Sharing a dangerous game experience with someone creates a bond that can last a lifetime”

Jeff has had the 777 under his regime since 2002 and has only grown the tradition. To-date, the ranch has more record book entries than any other outfitter in the world in its 50 years of existence. To make things more interesting, the ranch has also been the filming destination of choice for many Hollywood producers with movies such as Ace Ventura Pet Detective – When Nature Calls and most recently, Syriana, staring: George Clooney and Matt Damon. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff Rann at the 777, you owe it to yourself to book a trip. Your next adventure awaits!

History & Timeline

Jeff is the co-founder of Rann-Force Botswana Lion Project, along with John Jackson of Conservation Force. The Project is dedicated to Jerry L. Rann, a conservationist and humanitarian who dedicated his life to the betterment of the African people and African wildlife through his work with USAID. He has hosted various televised hunting shows through his hunting career. This includes the popular “Dangerous Game Series” on NBC Sports and “Deadliest Hunts” on the Outdoor Channel.


Jeff's professional hunting career started in Zambia on completing a 3 year apprenticeship with Zambia Safaris and senior professional hunter Franz Coupe.


Jeff moved to South Africa, primarily hunting the Letaba Ranch in the Transvaal bordering the Kruger National Park for Limpopo Safaris and John Coleman.


Jeff joined Hunters Africa and hunted Tanzania until 1985. He began hunting in Botswana during the 1984 season.


Jenn formed Rann Hunting Safaris Ltd (Now Rann African Adventures).


Jeff began to operate predominately in the Okavango Delta.


Jeff was awarded the lease on the community area, CH 1 and 2, known as the Chobe Enclave, which is surrounded by the world famous Chobe Game Reserve.


The Botswana Government awarded Rann Safaris a 15 year renewable lease on a multi-purpose concession in the Okavango Delta.


As the major shareholder and Managing Director of Okvango Developments, Jeff purchased Safari South, the longest operating safari company in Africa. This included the lease rights to the largest Okvango concession area.


Jeff purchased the world famous 777 Ranch in Texas. The 777 Ranch has more SCI record book entries than any other outfitter in the world. It is also the marketing base and main office for Rann Safaris, and Safari South.


Jeff Purchased Destination South through Rann African Adventures. He currently holds the CTI Hunting concession lease in Botswana, along with NG29 and NG30.


Ivory Safaris Zambia.


Palahala Safaris Tanzania.

Personal Achievements

Jeff has more SCI top 10 entries for lion, leopard, and white Rhino than any other Professional Hunter in today’s industry. He holds #1 SCI records for both lion and leopard. He has taken the largest elephant in Botswana.
Jeff has supported the herd growth and management of over 7 animal species in their respective countries of origin through breeding and hunting efforts at the 777 Ranch. These include Dama Gazelle, Arabian Oryx, Addax, Red Lechwe, Barasingha, Scimitar Oryx, and Eld’s Deer.
Jeff is currently a licensed Professional Hunter and Outfitter through his companies that operate in Zambia and Botswana. He is an active member in the Safari Club International, and his donations have totaled a staggering $1M. He is currently ranked as the #2 exhibitor within the club.


SCI International Professional Hunter of the Year.


Guided client to SCI number #1 lion


SCI Top Ten Exhibitor Award recipient.


Safari Club International Award recipient.

Organizational Involvements

International Professional Hunter

Executive Board Member, Associate Life Member

African Professional Hunters

Executive Board Member, Associate Life Member

Safari Club International

Life Member

Dallas Safari Club

Life Member

Botswana Professional Hunters

Associate Member

Zambian Professional Hunters

Associate Member

Tanzania Professional Hunters

Associate Member
Jeff Rann

Owner & Professional Hunter

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