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  • 777 Main Lodge from across the lake
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Species, Texas Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer

One of the greatest draws to Texas hunting has always been the White-tailed deer. At the 777 Ranch we are proud to offer pure-bred South Texas Whitetails. We continue to be at the forefront of breeding programs through the selective breeding of genetically superior South Texas bucks and does. The 777 Ranch boasts a breeding program free of northern genetics and true to the natural breeding process.

The Whitetail Deer is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia. The white-tailed deer is highly variable in size, generally following Bergmann's rule that the average size is larger farther away from the Equator. Males regrow their antlers every year. A buck's inside spread can be from 3 to 25 in (8–64 cm).

Trophy fee Buck : $2,000-$17,500, Doe : $200