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777 Ranch Exotic Hunting

The African Experience, with Texas Style! The 777 Ranch has one of the largest herds of exotic game animals found in North America. Featuring over 60 species of exotic game animals, the 777 Ranch offers numerous options for the hunter in everyone. Our ranch is the world leader in exotic breeding programs, with the goal of being a self-sustaining ranch. While other game ranches offer limited availability of exotic animals, at the 777 Ranch we pride ourselves on breeding sizeable herds of each species making for a hunting experience that can be tailored to the client's needs.

Click here for a list and description of horned Exotics

Click here for a list and description of antlered Exotics

Addax   $6,500 Himalayan Tahr   $5,000
Alpine Ibex   $20,000 Hog Deer   $3,500
American Bison Bull   $8,500 Impala   $5,500
American Bison Cow   N/A Iranian Red Sheep   $3,000
Aoudad Ram   $3,500 Kudu   $10,000
Arabian Oryx   $7,500 Markhor   $12,500
Armenian Mouflon   $3,250 Muntjac   $3,500
Axis Buck   $3,500 Nile Lechwe   $12,500
Axis Doe   $500 Nilgai   $4,500
Barasingha   $4,500 Nubian Ibex   $12,000
Blackbuck   $3,000 Nyala   $10,000
Blesbok   $5,500 Pere David's Deer   $7,500
Bongo   $35,000 Red Stag Deer   $1,500-$15,000
Cape Buffalo   $50,000 Roan   $15,000
Catalina Goat   $1,000 Rusa Deer   $3,500
Common Lechwe   $6,000 Sable   $12,500
Corsican Ram   $3,000 Scimitar Horned Oryx   $5,000
Dama Gazelle   $8,500 Springbok   $5,000
Dybowski Sika   $5,000 Sika Deer   $2,750
Eland   $6,500 Sitatunga   $10,000
Eld's Deer   $7,500 Texas Dall Ram   $3,000
Elk Bull   $7,500 Thomson Gazelle   $6,500
European Mouflon   $3,500 Transcaspian Urial Ram   $10,000
Fallow Buck   $5,000 Waterbuck   $5,000
Fallow Doe   $400 Water Buffalo Bull   $4,500
Four Horn Ram   $3,000 Water Buffalo Cow   $1,250
Gemsbok   $6,500 Wildebeest   $5,000
Grant's Gazelle   $7,500 Yak   $7,500
Hawaiian Black Ram   $3,000 Zebra   $4,000

A minimum of a 4 day/3 night trip is recommended on all exotic hunts.
Daily rates include meals, lodging, and guide.
Check in is 1 pm the first day of your trip and check out is 11 am the last day.
Caping/skinning, processing of meat, shipping, and taxidermy are not included in the trophy fee.
Recommended calibers: .270, 7mm, .30-06, and .300
Wounded game determined by guide is charged same as kill.